My name is Paul Hayden Hamilton Gittins.

I am of the third generation of four involved in the entertainment industry since the 1900’s.

My great grand mother walked the boards of the Westend stage. My uncle gave Diana Dors her name and had associations with the Kray twins as did Barbara Windsor and many others in the entertainment industry of that time.

My immediate family have worked on many shows including Nelson Mandela at Wembley, Take That, The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton and Lime house ect.

I am in love with the stage as an entertainer as well as the producer / founder of the “British Rat Pack” and “Legend of Swing” shows. My Daughter, Nephew and Nieces are the fourth generation keen learners of the theatrical arts and dance.

This website site links to personal and family related news, music and entertainment projects with so many facets. It is eye opening, sometimes controversially expressing a few gripes along the way about the industry, media and life as a whole. On occasion I may let off some steam.

The site will be constantly updated and interlinked with many; Blogs, Reviews, News and Articles that I hope you find interesting, informative and on occasion funny.

I have enclosed personal links that are entwined with my practice.

Please enjoy!




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