Should Theatres Not Be State Funded!

Or rather Should State Theatre Funding, Staffing and Media provision be overhauld!

Whatever “The Show must go on”! even in the face of adversity and good business sense.

Though stressful at times yet totally Amazing! There are some really talented people out there with some absolutely fabulous venues and theatres run by great teams of staff.

And there are some theatres that leave a bad taste. Sadly on a personal level yes on a few occasions I felt that some theatres let us down due to lack of support, short falls in promotion and marketing by the venue along with other things. They were very costly.

If you’re just starting out here’s a tip; Make sure the marketing the theatre has asked for, especially posters that you supply, show an active presence of your show in and around the venue.

There’s a major couple of issues that needs be addressed and re assessed when supplying state subsidy to some theatres if they are proven to lack support toward new productions.
There seems to be a real lack of local media integration and support for events being put on at many theatres. On occasion there was a lack of poster promotional media on site at the theatre as also heard from other disgruntled shows.

On one occasion with The Legend of Swing show I on arrival noted not a single poster on display. This was unbelievable; Where’s the expensive publicity that I supplied at the theatres request?

This occasion there was a complete lack of media; No News Press, Radio, or editorials or marketing support. We were Blanked by the marketing department! Had money stolen from changing room while whole cast were on set! and often surprising ancillary fees added on!..

This was the worst theatre; I won’t mention names however; The worst scenario was a Local Authority run theatre and one I subsidise with my council tax. I visited the venue three weeks before the show The venue was smothered in posters promoting their own in house 3 day big band competition on the same day as my show. There was not a single poster in or around the venue to promote the Legend of Swing… The venue marketing department had also informed the local media and press that our performance was not relevant to market editorial as this was a private show and booking.
The marketing department at this venue were not fit for purpose.

I made a massive push on advertising to promote the event. Yet on the day there was not a single poster on display. If that wasn’t not bad enough, while our whole cast and crew were on set having a great time with the crowd, the show girls being last on and first off at the finale. The show Girls had money stolen and clothes scattered around the dressing room. This left a very bitter taste. In hindsight I think of all the subsidies they receive. The security of their PAYE jobs. I wonder how these people landed employment working within the arts. Sponsored by my Council Tax!

Meanwhile; staff at the venue were patting themselves on the back for their own success!!!

I will not go back there! Wow… And we all still enjoyed a great show what and experience!
It was stressful at times yet totally Amazing!

They are paid to Promote all of the arts. The Networking support between Theatres, News paper media, Radio and TV to inspire the community with “what is actually going on is blighted by corporate greed in marketing. Editorial for sale if you buy advertising!
It gets beyond being lucrative!

There is much needed support for the one night only shows. Publicity “ON DISPLAY” and the media networks giving the arts good marketing that actually reaches the public.

The right staff and use of services would drive public support and reduce the number of theatres needing funding.

A successful public information and marketing network would get, Forgive the expression; “More bums on Seats” and therefore more funds into the industry.

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