Diana Dors and Dennis Hamilton

Diana Dors and Dennis Hamilton Gittins.

It takes two to tango.  After decades of bad press with tiny press retractions the Family of Dennis Hamilton set the record straight!

This tiny release will inevitably be lost and buried on the internet but at least it will be out there somewhere. We will answer some of the mystery surrounding the following questions that have been continually asked.

The first fact is Dennis gave Diana Dors previously known as Diana Fluck her name from his personal nickname for her, “Dors”… Whatever happened to Diana’s Millions… The gun Dennis acquired from Krays… What Diana really thought of Bob Monkhouse… Diana’s attempt to break America… Jerry Lewis and the so called casting couch…

Dennis Hamilton’s family have stayed silent for years and despite press attempts, the enquiries along with speculation they intend to make you wait just a little longer.

Coming soon 🙂

more on Diana Dors follow Wikipedia link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diana_Dors

From which the following info is found though is not entirely correct;

Diana went to America in the mid 50’s in a blaze of publicity only to have it all go disastrously wrong with the gossip of affairs and poor behaviour by her then husband, Dennis Hamilton.  At a pool party full of Hollywood A-list celebrities, Diana was pushed fully clothed into her swimming pool. Hamilton then proceeded to punch the photographer thought to have pushed her into unconsciousness.  The celebrities fled and the headlines the following day were “Ms Dors go home and take Mr Dors with you!”.  Her three movie deal with RKO ended after they cancelled the contract on a moral clause in the contract after only The Unholy Wife (1958) and I Married a Woman (1958) were completed.

4 Responses to Diana Dors and Dennis Hamilton

  1. william harper says:

    hello there, it would be nice if you could do a complimentary feature to go with your diana and dennis information. a nice selection of photographs from the time that they were together would be really nice?,as i have noticed that since the films that diana starred in have become a lot more available on dvd,then she becoming a lot more popular again with the younger generation. many thanks.

  2. admin says:

    Hi William, Diana was an amazing British starlet. She was aspired to the likes of Jane Mansfield and Marilyn Monroe.
    The untold family facts add great colour to Dennis Hamilton and Diana Dors when she was at the peak of her career.

  3. Kayleigh Hamilton says:

    Dennis was my great uncle and my nan spoke about him being married to Diana but she hasn’t said anything else. If my own nan won’t tell me what happend I very much doubt she will tell you anything which I’m very sorry about. It’s so annoying that I don’t know that much about my own family.

  4. Andrew Richards says:

    Hello. I am a distant relative of Dennis Gittins. He was my nana’s cousin and was born in a little village just outside Wrexham in North Wales and I wanted to know a little more about him.

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