Rat Pack

Unfortunately Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davies Jnr., of The Rat Pack are no longer with us. The Rat Pack can no longer entertain us that is unless we play their albums, CDs or Videos.

However Paul-Hayden has brought us the British Rat Pack and Legend of Swing Shows of which have a completely original lilt of toward the original Rat Pack including the origins of swing music, the Vegas swing movement and the likes of Michael Bublé.

The British Rat Pack are all top end swing entertainers that deliver first class performances of the Swing genre in a totally original humorous British fashion most unlike the majority of cheesy so called Rat Pack tribute entertainers or artists. The UK version of the “Rat Pack is” or rather will Never be “Back” is a typically poor title and example of that and those that simply survive on selling the dead while using The Rat Pack image or Rat Pack images.

After all, There is or rather was only one Rat Pack in the swing and Las Vegas movement and unfortunately they are no longer with us. Instead Paul-Hayden has brought together a gathering of the UK’s finest with an El Natural and original stance in these matters.  Paul-Hayden is very entrepreneurial in his approach and as such the unfortunate cheese have tried in vain to latch on to even try to use the British Rat Pack title for thier own gain to promote themselves as the original British Rat Pack tribute.

Not impressed Paul has stated “These individuals simply would not pass the audition”. The British Rat Pack are not tribute artists. They’re Brilliant Entertainers. I’m fortunate enough to be singing with top guys with brilliant voices and original humour that go’s far beyond trying to be The Rat Pack of whom I adore.

Paul-Hayden’s British Rat Pack Show can be seen at http://www.LegendofSwing.com

The British Rat Pack website at www.BritishRatPack.com will also guide you to The Legend of Swing website. We trust you will enjoy this refreshing outlook on the Rat Pack and Swing music as a whole.

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